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For Attorneys

Reid Legal Solutions offers Bar Grievance and Malpractice Defense Services

Florida Bar Grievance Defense

We handle all aspects of Grievance Defense, from responding to the initial complaint all the way through sanctions hearings (if required).

Legal Malpractice Defense

When your reputation is at stake, effective legal representation is a necessity.  Reid Legal Solutions is uniquely positioned to defend attorneys in any practice area against malpractice lawsuits.

Ethics and Malpractice Consulting

Wondering what proactive steps you can take to prevent malpractice claims and/or Bar complaints? Reid Legal Solutions can help.  We provide several consulting package options designed to fit the needs of any size firm.  During our sessions, we review the most common grounds for malpractice claims and Bar complaints generally, the most common issues which arise in your specific practice area, and provide tips on how to minimize your firm's exposure. 

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